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Mares for Sale

Many different breeds and ages of mares for sale. Level of training varies however we can do additional training for your needs.


Geldings for Sale

Top quality geldings for sale. Many different breeds and ages. Different levels of training however we can do additional training for your needs.


Stallions for Sale

Gorgeous stallions of different breeds and ages for sale. Quality, powerful, sensational. Different levels of training and we can do additional training for your needs.

Are you looking to buy a new horse to bring into your family? Let us help you find the best horse possible.

Talk to us! Tell us what type of horse you are looking to purchase. Do you have a favorite breed of horse you are looking for? What specifically are you going to be using your horse for?
Horse Desired:

  • Breed of horse you prefer
  • Use of horse example} 4-H, trail riding, Dressage, showing & etc.
  • Age of horse desired
  • Ability of rider. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.
  • Mare or Gelding
  • Sizeof horse desired

As you can see there are several things to think about when adding a horse to your family as this is a Long term investment.

Mares, Gelding and Stallions for sale NOW!

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Horse Buying Evaluations

Have you found a horse that you are interested in purchasing, but just not sure if it the “right” one?

Get an all important second opinion to make sure the horse is what the seller Says it is.

So, Before you put out your hard earned money on ANY horse. Give us a call!!

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