Horsemanship Performances

Exciting Horsemanship Performances for Horse Events, Horse Shows and Horse Expos!! 

If you are holding an event or horse show Ruben would love to come and do an exciting performance for your next Equine Event, Rodeo, Stock Show, Horse Show, County/State Fair or Horse Expo.

High Energy, Top Rated, Unique & Entertaining

Ruben Villasenor, the founder of Horsemen's Western Dressage and the creator of 100% Pure horsemanship will add a new dimension to your next equine event. Ruben has been training horses for 30 years and has combined the horse and human relationship (horsemanship) with the Western Style, Vaquero and classical European disciplines(Western Dressage) into an electrifying show.

Horsemen's Western Dressage, through freestyle performance riding, demonstrates how this combination takes riding to an entirely new level.

The Alta Escuela (High School) movements combined with traditional Vaquero exhibition riding and classical dressage is exceptionally entertaining and adds a new life to any event.

Horsemen's Western Dressage is sought after for some of the largest equine events in America from Barrel Racing National Finals, to participating as a clinician and performance rider at some of the largest horse Expos & Fairs.

Ruben has performed shows at large dressage events and small county fairs. Horsemen's Western Dressage has opened several of the oldest rodeos in the United States with demonstrations of the origins of western riding, reining and cutting movements used by Vaqueros for more than 400 years. Horsemen's Western Dressage will the high energy opening of the Mid West Horse Expo (2nd largest in America) in 2009.

Ruben has competed in various horse shows but doesn’t have a strong interest in competing professionally. He loves to perform in front of a crowd and to show off his beautiful highly trained performance horses that he has trained using his theories and techniques of his “Horsemen’s Western Dressage.

Past Performances, Events & Venues

  • Mid West Horse Fair, Madison WI. reference Kathy Freidel
  • Dressage in the Wine Country, Santa Rosa, California
  • Barrel Racing National Finals, Pasco, WA
  • Extreme Mustang Makeover, Fort Worth, TX
  • Horse Affair, Boise, ID. reference Sabrina Amidon
  • Northwest Horse Fair, Albany, OR
  • Horse Expo, Sand Point, ID
  • Sapphire Equine Center Corvallis, MT
  • The Mane Event, Canada
  • Walla Walla Rodeo, Walla Walla, WA
  • Benton-Franklin Saddle Club Trail Competition, Pasco, WA (Judge)
  • Mares & Music (performance to a live orchestra), Walla Walla, WA
  • Ride the West Horse Expo, Spokane, WA
  • High Desert Horse Expo, Redmond, OR
  • Mid West Mustang Makeover, Madison, WI
  • Reno’s Wild Horse and Burro Expo
  • Horses & Women, Oklahoma
  • Hands on Horses, Vancouver, WA
  • Private & public Clinics held through out the Pacific NorthWest and Mountain states.
  • Trained the #2 Endurance horse in America.
  • Finished endurance races always in the top ten for best time & best condition.



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