Horsemen’s Western Dressage…the beginning…

Over 30 years ago as a young boy Rubens father and grandfathers had horses, loved horses and trained horses. His father and grandfathers were renowned horsemen, greatly admired for their skill in riding and training horses. Their hands where light and their leg cues where subtle.

When Ruben was just 3 years old he would sneak outside, climb upon the horses and ride them around. Bareback and no bridle or even a halter. Ruben was a natural from the very beginning.

When he was 12 years old a herd of wild horses was brought down from the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico.  It was Rubens job to tame, start and train these wild horses. And train them he did. For the next four years he worked with so many horses, learning how to build a strong bond with a horse, how to gain respect from the horse and he learned what it takes to teach a horse to be light, forward, balanced, rhythmic and in harmony with their rider.

He has taken these skills and for 30 years he has fine tuned his wealth of knowledge in to a superior horse training program that is called 100%Pure Horsemanship™.