You can build a better relationship with your horse through understanding, trust and respect.

100% Pure Horsemanship™ with Horsemen's Western Dressage is the best way to learn the most complete and positive techniques to train your horse. This training teaches you, the horse owner, how to earn respect from your horse! With calmness and firmness,Horsemen’s Western Dressage will teach you the “5 Essential Exercises” to perform with your horse to make your horse responsive, balanced, collected,calm and willing.

Horsemen’s Western Dressage trains all breeds and ages of horses.

This pro horse trainer starts young horses, finishes well trained horses and retrains horses with problems.

We offer horses for sale. Well bred Stallions available for breeding. Horse Boarding available


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Private Training Sessions

Individualized private training for you and your horse. You will be taught the fundamentals of how the best way to communicate with your horse. You will learn how to gain your horses trust and respect. Just you with your horse learning together.

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Training at the Ranch

Pro horse training at the beautiful Horsemen's Western Dressage Ranch includes full care, hay included for $950 a month.

You and Horsemen’s Western Dressage will determine exactly what you and your horse needs in terms of training.

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Horse Training Clinics

These specialized horse training clinics are 2 day intense training sessions in small groups of no more than 12 riders with their horses.

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Horses for sale

We have a wide variety of different horses for sale. Mares, geldings and stallions. All different ages and training levels. And of course, more horse training is available.

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Horse Boarding

Horsemen's Western Dressage Ranch has horse boarding available.  Trails, round pens, training and exercise available.

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Stallions at stud

We have several exceptional stallions available for breeding to your fine mare.

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  • Private lessons (with your horse or ours)
  • Clinics
  • Basic horse training
  • Advanced horse training
  • Equine evaluations
  • Rider evaluations
  • Personalized training to suit you and your horses specific needs.
  • Horse boarding 
  • Baroque horses for sale 
  • Well trained horses for sale 
  • Stallions for breeding
  • Stallion Training
  • Private Party Performances
  • Public Performances

I needed help with my gelding and Ruben came through for me. Ruben has so much knowledge about horses and knows how to fix “issues”. Thanks Ruben!!! Bettie T.

Ruben has gone above and beyond in helping me with the problems I faced with my horse! If you listen to what he says and take what you learn applying it daily and follow his instruction, you will succeed. He has a way with horses that is simply a gift. Margie S.

100% Pure Horsemanship Benefits all types of riding & all breeds of horses.


  • Reining
  • Western Dressage
  • English Dressage
  • Trail horse
  • Gaming (Barrel racing etc.)
  • Equestrian Drill Team
  • Mounted Shooting
  • Competitive Trail riding
  • Show horseback riding

It is common these days to use many different breeds of horses for many different types of horseback riding. Therefore, we believe and have proven that our training methods can be used with all breeds of horses used for any type of horseback riding & events.

Every horse has a unique personality, disposition and learning ability.

This requires a unique horse trainer with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge to know just what that horse will need.

If you love riding horses, you can get expert guidance to effectively communicate with and learn the best way to train your horse.

Horsemen’s Western Dressage horse training program has the experience, knowledge, compassion and love of horses you can count on.

Ruben Villasenor is the founder and master trainer of this unique, easily understood, fun and highly rewarding horse training program for horseback riders and their horses located in beautiful Benton City, WA near the Tri-Cities, WA.

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